C is for Confidence

How cool would it be if we all felt like this:

It's really weird because I say the exact same thing every morning. 

Not really. 

It sometimes seems that children are more able to love themselves than we miserable adults are. 
I run a little program at the Boys and Girls Club called Smartgirls. We focus on self-esteem and making smart choices.

One of the staff had the girls  make banners about themselves and they turned out better than I thought they would. (Especially since this is the same group of girls that had this discussion.)

This girl was 10 years old:

I am a proud girl. I will
never ever give up even though
people make fun of me. I believe 
in myself. I've been bullied but I DONT
CARE. I am a believer. 
I will stand up for myself and NEVER
P.S. I dont like my hair.

Just another example of why I think kids represent everything that is good and beautiful in this world.

Now if only this girl could carry this confidence through her teenage years.....

While the girls were writing their inspirational convictions, the boys were wandering the halls causing trouble. Typical.

Today, I think I will meditate on how awesome I am. amen. 

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