Dolphin Dog

While I was wasting away in Ohio, my perpetual boredom inspired me to hone my painting skills.

Jared's dog had just been put to sleep so I decided to paint a tribute to him.

The Irish Setter, Riley, and I, did not get along too well. I hate stinky, big, and hairy things.
He was super hairy and shed all over the place. I would find handfuls of hair everywhere. I was the only one who cared if things were clean so I was always the one gathering all Riley's nastiness. 
Also, Riley smelt awful. Dogs are foul. I don't know how people stand one living in the house. Small dogs are a little more understandable, but large breeds with long hair should be banned to the backyard.

Back to my painting...... I bought a huge expensive canvas and got to work.

3 minutes later I stepped back and looked at my progress:

....don't make fun.....

I quit right then. 

For 5 years, I kept my dolphin/dog in storage. I knew I could use the canvas later. 

With my recent pillow purchase, I needed something new to hang on the fireplace. 

I skipped to one of my favorite stores, Paper Source, and bought a ton of amazing paper. I wrapped the canvas with this and this. 


Then I slapped on my $4 map with a healthy helping of modge podge. 

A glued on map is WAY classier than a brown dolphin.


  1. Super creative! The map turned out really nice! And I agree with the whole big dog thing. I hate the drool, the hair, the smell, and having their nose in my crotch

  2. So what happened to your picture of Christ that you wouldn't let me touch? ....and thanks for my laugh of the day. I will just say that your painting has really improved! Hahahaha......
    and I can trash talk. I just choose not too.
    Love you! Im crocheting my little Ryan a new Cute cardigan!

  3. Gluing over dolphin dog was like modge podging over the Mona Lisa! What a tragedy!


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