Talking Trash

I will tentatively admit that I watch some trashy reality shows. Pregnant teenagers? Botox-filled housewives? Fist pumping with no underwear on? Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe? Project Runway? Honey Boo Boo's gay pig? SIGN ME UP.

I find reality shows really entertaining but there are a lot of annoying things that come from them.
For instance, why does everyone use the same Cliches?

- "At the end of the day....."
- "It is what it is...."
- "I'm not here to make friends"
- "My head is on the chopping block"
- "They threw me under the bus"
- "They edited it to make me look bad"

Blah, Blah Blah. Switch it up people!

My main concern is with the current trend:

-"If you have something bad to say about me, you better say it to my face"

Can I just request one thing? If you have something bad to say about me, DON'T say it to my face. 

I don't want to hear all the crap everyone thinks about me. I know I am A-hole 90% of the time. I don't need other people to tell me about it. 

Humans are social creatures. We are going to get pissed off and have problems with other people. It's inevitable. We will even get mad at the people we love most. 

It is a great form of therapy to vent to others about all the idiots you have to deal with.

The main thing to be aware of is WHO you are talking mad trash to.
If you are the kind of person that vents to anyone who will listen, you are an idiot (and I am going to talk smack about you later).

I vent to ONLY three people: my Mom, my friend Lisa, and my favorite brother Jake. 
They know that I'm just getting things of my chest. They also don't act like little crybabies and tell everyone what I said about them. 
Once I'm done with said trash talking session, I am usually done with the situation and feel a lot better about it.

My Mom will listen to me rant but is too nice to say anything bad.

Jake and Lisa are the best to complain with. They don't know half of the people I whine about, but that doesn't stop them from joining in the fun. 

They will talk up a trash storm. It really brings me peace. 

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