Private Waxing

I have been considering waxing my private places for a few years.
I hate hair and shave everything from the neck down anyway.
Everyone I know that has waxed their nether-regions raves about the benefits of having a smooth chotch.

  • easy wiping
  • no strays showing up when you are wearing your swimsuit
  • you can run faster

I was at Sephora a few weeks ago looking for something cool to waste money on.

I saw this:


I brought it home and set it on my bathroom counter.
I stared at it for a solid ten minutes trying to work up the courage to battle my overgrown forest.

It took a lot of creative thinking on my part. I had to get into some pretty advanced yoga moves to make sure everything was taken care of.

I was expecting an unbelievable amount of pain, but was pleasantly surprised when the pain level was only a 9.8937 out of 10.  (10 being the worst.)

Would I do it again?

Yes, especially because I have 1/2 of the wax left and I wouldn't feel right about throwing it away.

P.S. I can totally run faster now.


  1. oh my hell you are brave!
    I'm a baby whenever I get this done at the salon.. I could NEVER do it myself!!

  2. Get laser hair removal silly. Yes, a total stranger has to violate you once every few weeks, but its permanent.

  3. Sara and Ashley violated my eyebrow wax. But Sara is experienced if you need a referral.


Speak with your heart or your private parts, either one is fine with me.