Hey Jared, Thanks for the Pictures

I finally sat down and organized all the picture files on my computer. Organizing 8 years of pictures took longer than I expected, but at least I won't have to do it again until 2021.

I was going through all the folders when I noticed all the pictures Jared takes of me are gross and/or embarassing.   
It's nice that I can look back and remember how disgusting I am. 
The most common themes included:

Breastfeeding in Public:

Sleeping During the Day:

Licking Batter out of a Mixing Bowl:

 Playing Video Games Instead of Being a Mom:

This is just a small sampling of all the lame pictures Jared took over the years.
What makes it even better is that Jared has all these amazingly cute/sweet pictures. Obviously I am a little more thoughtful when it comes to photographing my spouse.

My scrapbook is going to be incredible. Great.

Well.... at least Jear-Bear is attractive. I didn't marry him for his brains or thoughtfulness anyway.

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  1. Your boobs in the last picture of you are huge.


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