Poking Dead Things

I was doing my yearly hour of yard work yesterday. I have been working on the computer way too much and I can't stand sitting there forever. Usually I just take Baby Ryan to a park or the Boys and Girls Club to get out of the house, but my yard needed some TLC.

I don't love yardwork, but I do love making things look clean and pretty.

I was out enjoying the sun and fresh air. Cryin Ryan was stoked to roll around in the dirt. I was pulling weeds when I saw this:

Naturally, I had to poke the dead bird with a stick. Ryan joined in with his own twig.

Why is it so instinctual to poke dead animals with sticks? Why can humans just leave them alone?

It was a little gross but I continued on with my work.
45 minutes later I found this little guy:

Dead lizards aren't nearly as cute as live ones.

Yes, we poked him with our sticks.

What is the Universe trying to tell me???


  1. That one day you will be a scout leader. True story. Amen.

  2. Ewww!
    I don't know why it's so awesome to poke dead things with a stick!
    One time my sister and I were driving through a church parking lot with lots of bushes- so obviously the squirrels liked to play there. One HUGE squirrel smashed DEAD in the parking lot. We literally got out of the car to examine it..... and obviously we poked it with sticks and pieces of bark.


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