Bug Murder

Cryin' Ryan is OBSESSED with bugs..... well, bugs and clocks.

The past couple of weeks Pee-baby has channeled most of his energy towards our insect friends.

At least once a day he brings me a paper and a pencil and wants me to draw bugs.
He stands at the front door yelling "A BUG! A BUG! A BUG!" for questionable amounts of time.

I've always been a little bit obsessed with bugs. I think they are frieking cool.
Everyday Ryan and I go outside and look for bugs. We find them and poke them with sticks, then I put them in a jar and Ryan carries them around the rest of the day.

I never really kill bugs unless they are in my house. Even then, I just grab a kleenex, squish it, and unceremoniously flush it down the toilet.

No big deal.

I don't make sound effects and I certainly don't do an evil laugh afterwards. 

Which is why I was a little concerned when I witnessed this:


I don't know whether to be proud that I have such a hard-core/manly baby or if I should should get a lawyer for his future criminal offenses.


  1. So funny! Love the laugh. :-)

  2. Hahahahaha!!!!!!!! Had me and grandma Alice laughing! Thanks for making it short so that it may be watched repeatedly!

  3. HAHAHAHAHA his evil laugh! That's hilarious.

  4. this video is awesome. if karma exists, you are in for it!


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