Rape Prevention Tips

 I am slightly obsessed with socio-cultural articles, especially when they have anything to do with Mormonism.

An article I recently read, was mainly about how Mormonism may have affected Elizabeth Smart's actions while in captivity.
I want to focus on one of the minor points in the article. It outlines how our culture accepts Rape as an inevitable part of life.

We accept that men are naturally sexually aggressive, women are usually the target, and it is a women's responsibility to avoid rape. 

If women dress revealing they are "asking for it".
Rape victims are judged and blamed based on if they fought back hard enough.
We repeatedly excuse men's actions.

Most Rape Prevention organizations have tips to stop Rape.
We have all seen them. They circulate through facebook and group emails.
For example:
  • Never go out alone at night
  • Stay in well lit areas
  • Carry pepper spray and a rape whistle
  •  Say "No" firmly instead of using phrases such as "I don't think so"
  •  Be. Repetitive.  Repeating "No"
  •  If someone grabs you, yell, scream, kick and make a lot of commotion

Recently, a few people have started getting to the root of the matter.

Rape Prevention Tips should focus more on men, as they make up the majority of rapists.

The new tip sheet should look something like this:

  • If you see a girl who is dressed slutty, don't rape her
  • If a girl is walking in a dark alley alone, don't rape her
  • If you are feeling rapey, stay at home for the night
  • If you see a drunk girl passed out at a party, don't rape her
  • If you want to have sex with someone and they say "NO", don't rape them
  • If you are at a bar and have some GHD (date rape drug) in your pocket, don't use it to rape anyone
  • Don't hide in people's homes with rapeful intentions
  • If a girl is in her car at night in a parking garage, don't rape her

Hopefully the more we talk about this problem and hold men accountable, rape statistics will be lowered and rape victims will not have to deal with the embarrassment and blame that too often comes with it..



  1. Nice...that article sounds awesome! What are people thinking?!!

  2. I agree with the fact that women shouldn't have to avoid rape--that men should control themselves. It's not a woman's fault if she's raped--it's completely on the man. But I have to defend the church, because they do not look at men who rape and say, "Well, boys will be boys..." The authorities in the church look at the men who rape with the utmost disgust, and have taught that the men who rape are at fault, and the women who are raped have absolutely nothing to do with it--it's just something unfortunate that happened to them.

    I think the culture of Mormonism--the members--look at rape like you've explained: "Men are sexual, and women should watch out for them," and that makes me angry on all levels, but the authorities of the church--the people who run it--do not accept it with any degree of allowance.

    But I agree with you. It has to change, and it's disgusting.

    1. You don't need to defend the church as I was not arguing that Mormon Church authorities are ok with rape. The only reference I made about the church was that an article I read was about Elizabeth Smart, who was a Mormon.

      I refer to "our society" in my post as meaning the general public and Americans, not the Church/provo, Ut.

      The Mormon church only plays a small role everywhere outside Utah County. I know it's not that way where you live, but I try to see the bigger picture.

  3. My favorite part of this post was "if you are feeling rapey stay home for the night" That's the best advice I think I've ever heard..

  4. I think it needs to start in the HOME while these men are little boys. I have taught my boys to respect girls. And that when a girl says no, they mean no.
    Unfortunately too many moms are out of the picture either by working, abandonment (physically, mentally), etc.
    I also think it has a little bit to do with the feminization of our male population (feminisms best work yet). That aggression goes somewhere. Heaven knows its not through rough contact sports, or even the alpha male teaching those young boys. The alpha male, sadly, has been disposed of in our culture . (Yes, in many homes, even the "Mormon" culture).
    I think until society starts to repair the family, we will continue to degrade. Sad.

  5. Wow...we have a variety of comments here. I like the list, if we could teach a good part of the male sex to pick their knuckles up off the floor in order to read it.

    I have a friend that was cornered by a would be rapist. She carried a fake police badge in her purse and flashed it, "I'm a police officer..." and of course he ran. We can't ignore prevention...but that equally means being sure, confident, aggressive and in charge.

    Great, great post, Emily.



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