Cha-Bootie the Rabbit

As if I needed another reason to love little Mexican girls....

At Julie's birthday party, Cryin Ryan could not get enough of all their pets.
Even after being attacked by the dog, I could not keep Ryan away from anything furry.

He kept trying to let the attack dog out of his kennel. Either Ryan is super hard-core/brave or really dumb for trying to play with the dog that just made him bleed.

I had to distract him with a more docile animal, a rabbit named Cha-bootie.

The little girl holding the bunny in this picture took her job as the rabbit's babysitter very seriously.
No one was allowed to hold Cha-dookie unless he/she was sitting down nicely.

Pee-baby eagerly sat down. The second the little girl placed Cha-noody in his hands, Ryan stood up, squeezed the bunny and ran across the yard and hid behind a chair. Clearly, Ryan wanted some alone time with Cha-booby.

The rabbit-guardian was pissed off. She chased Ryan down and grabbed the rabbit back.

She told Ryan to be careful with HIM and to not squeeze HIM.

I knew the owners didn't know the sex of the rabbit, so I was curious as to how a 9 year old knew.

Me: How do you know it's a boy?

9 year old girl: I watch a lot of Animal Planet.................................. and I saw his balls.

I thought to myself, "Weird. That's exactly how I knew Ryan was a boy...... animal planet and balls."


  1. HAHA that's awesome.
    I always wondered how the breeder knew my bunny was a boy too. I flipped him over on his belly and there were two little nuts that looked just like bubblegum jelly beans. Needless to say, I avoided pink jelly beans all Easter season... sick.

  2. Funny. One of my friends visited Isaac the other day and she commented on how big his balls were. I wanted to know how she was such an expert on baby balls but was worried the answer would make me have to turn her in to authorities.

  3. Ha, ha! Once again... inappropriateness makes everything better!


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