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This new feature on my blog aims at helping the socially inept. If you don't have any friends and people hate you, this post is probably for you.

This column is also for everyone else that has questions regarding the "right" way to deal with the unsavory people we come in contact with.

Let's begin with the first question*:

           Dear Emily,

       There is this one chick that is super weird and keeps showing up at my house univited.

She never calls, texts, emails, or let's me know in advance. She does not live close to me, so I know she has to go out of her way to stop by. She is not family either, I actually barely know her, and just me her a few months ago. I may or may not have hidden in the laundry room a few times when she knocked on my door. 

I have asked her to let me know before she comes over, but she doesn't hear me because she is too busy plotting her next suprise trip to my front door.

                                                                                                  "Caught in my underwear more than once"

Dear "Caught in my underwear more than once",

First of all:

1. Maybe you should think about wearing clothes around the house more often.
2. At least consider putting clothes on before you answer your front door. 

    This sounds like a classic case of generational disconnect. She is probably older, right? (Yes, I am right since I asked the question) Back in the day, it was fine to just show up at people's houses, since they didn't like to walk around in their undies, while our generation only puts pants on for special occasions.

I suggest that you hand-write her a letter telling her that you love her visits but would appreciate if she limited them to never. 

Tell her you would prefer to meet at the park, then she HAS to tell you before you meet up.

Your welcome,

*Feel free to email questions to emilybarlocker@yahoo.com or if no one does, I will use stuff from my own life or just make some crap up like I usually do. 
The above question, for the record, is for realsies though.

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  1. Very funny! Now I have to think of a question...I'm sure I have a few.


    P.S. Do you really thinks he minds me showing up at his door or is he playing hard to get?


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