Baby Having Kit

I have a few friends who are having babies.

Of course I already bought them the cutest/littlest clothes I could find, but I wanted to get them something else too.

I was too lazy to sufficiently pack a hospital bag when I had Ryan. I ended up being there for 4 days and all I had was a couple of books, bubble gum, and some lip gloss.

While my friends are probably more prepared than I was, I thought it would be cool to get them some stupid stuff for their hospital bag that they probably wouldn't buy themselves.

Most of my idea's are pretty inappropriate, so I was pretty proud of myself for this.

I got the cute bag at Victoria's Secret and added (from top left):

  • Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo - in case your hair is nasty.
  • Evian Mineral Water Hydrating Spray - in case you need a refresher during labor, or in case you feel like wasting overpriced water on your face.
  • Bath and Body Works Hand Lotion - you don't want to be holding your new baby with sandpaper hands.
  • Colgate Wisp Disposable Teeth Cleaners - no one likes after-birth breath or walking 4 feet to the bathroom to fix it.
  • Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes - once again,  it's a waste to take that 4 foot walk to the bathroom just to wash your hands.
  • Stretchy Headbands - So you don't look like a complete mess during your hospital stay.
  • Deodorant - because the human body is disgusting. 
  • Victoria's Secret Lipgloss - because it is delicious and can also double as nipple balm if you don't mind glittery nips.
  • Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer - because hospitals are disgusting.
  • Mouthwash - nothing is better than a clean mouth.... except maybe your new baby.
  • Victoria's Secret Compact Mirror - in hindsight, this probably isn't that good of an idea.
I also added a cute little notebook and pen to record any thoughts or info you need.

Pretty good idea right?

The only things I should have added were bubblegum and 18 years worth of SD cards for their cameras. Well that, or 18 years worth of Valium.... amen.

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  1. You forgot the condoms!!! A MUST after giving birth hahaha


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