My Busy Crotch

I don't need anything else added to my criminal record, which is why I was glad I was not arrested at the park last week. I flashed a bunch of unsuspecting families my private parts.

This was the first time I didn't do it on purpose.

I thought I would be the "cool mom" who played on the jungle gym with her kid. I claimed up a ladder and heard a rip. Then I felt the warm sun on places it shouldn't shine.

Although the sun was pleasant I knew something was wrong.

Luckily I wear underwear on Tuesdays.

One of my favorite pairs of jeans had finally ripped. The knees were already destroyed so I guess the crotch was the next logical place.

I get really introspective and a little sad when I consider that I'm old enough to have clothes wear out on me. Especially when they wear out in the crotch. It's not like my crotch has been especially busy.


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