Special Moments: San Diego

A few special moments from our trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago.

Special moment #1

Jared found a spine in a bonfire pit outside our hotel room. A SPINE. Like, part of a skeleton...
It looked like a human spine. I was stoked. I read way too many true crime novels. But I also knew that a pig's spine is really similar to a human spine, so I tried not to get my hopes up.

He told the resort security guard. The security guard said the beach (which is 30 yards from the hotel) is county property so we should call the police because it's not his problem.

I love a non-nonchalant security guard.

The police came and we wasted 3 hours watching them from our balcony.

It turned out to be a pig's spine.
Someone had a pig roast the week before, and buried it in the bonfire's ashes instead of throwing it away in the trash can (which was 10 feet away).

I also love a non-nonchalant pig roaster.

Special moment #2

While I was busy throwing up one morning, Jared took Cryin Ryan swimming. Jared is too much of a man to consider putting a swimming diaper on Ryan.

They came back to the room and Jear-bear told me to stay away because Ryan dumped his pants. I throw up when I smell poo.

I heard Jared changing the diaper when I heard him say, "AWWWW! That is disgusting! AW! That is sick! NASTY!"
You should know that poop doesn't gross Jared out normally.

I was afraid to ask.

Jared explained that the gross part was that there wasn't any poo left in the diaper.... only a few hard nuggets. The rest had seeped out in the swimming pool. Sick.

I will never look at this swimming suit the same way.

If you happen to stay at the Bahia Resort in San Diego, think twice before getting in the hot tub.

Special moment #3

The San Diego Zoo is impressive. It's huge, beautifully landscaped, and has a ton of animals.

Pee-Baby's favorite thing?

A stupid small spider and it's stupid web.

We spent 45 min of our precious zoo time sitting on a bench while Ryan messed with a bug.

I had to drag him away. He cried....with tears.

We could have saved $80 and let him look for spiders at the park.

Special moment #4

We went to Pei Wei and they had amazing coconut curry chicken.

The end.

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  1. That is so funny that Ryan just wanted to look at the spider at the zoo! I remember my dad getting annoyed with me because I would get so excited when I saw a squirrel running around when we went to the zoo. :)
    I have a Pei Wei really close to me, I'm going to have to go try the coconut curry chicken! That sounds nummy!


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