Baby Sara Goes to Kansas

My baby sister Sara is officially on her Mormon mission to the great state of Kansas. Home of Corn fields, a 2% LDS population, and the notorious BTK serial killer. Kansas is also the setting for the Wizard of Oz.

She will be there for 18 months, wearing knee-length skirts and preaching the gospel. Amen Sister.

I bought her a bunch of stuff necessary for a successful ministry:
Cute Journals
Red Steve Madden shoes
Red glitter nail polish
And some other crap

Naturally, I also included a drawing of her as Dorothy (the drawing her as the BTK killer didn't fit the theme):

We flew up to Utah to see her before she left.

 We hung out with the fam the entire time. On the last night we went to dinner in Salt Lake City at The Roof. It's a fancy-pants restaurant that overlooks the Salt Lake Temple.

Luckily we had our own room sectioned off from the rest of the dining room. Barlocker family dinner conversations are known to include anything from mission advice to midget prostitutes.

Baby Sara, Mom, Dad, Rachel, Me

AWWW! My little Sara is growing up!


  1. OMG...does Feg read your blog or is your opinion common knowledge? Your are looking great...how many more months?


  2. Lol! Megan reads it, and it's common knowledge. She has actually been a lot nicer to everyone now that we are being mean to her instead of indulging her. I'm still laughing that you called her Feg...
    I have 5 more months until baby #2!

  3. Ditto. You look great. How is the whole growing a penis carrying man inside of you going?

  4. You don't know me but your sister told me I should read your blog. And yes, she is here in KS with me!! Well, not me personally, but with all of us wonderful Kansans. So far, she's right...I LOVE your blog. If you're lucky we'll let her return to you at the end of her mission, but if I can, I'm going to try and kidnap her and keep her in our basement with our monsterously huge cat. 'Cause she's just that much fun! Btw, it's wheat fields, not corn fields...that would be Nebraska. :-)

    1. It's cool if you kidnap her, but will you make sure to feed and walk her everyday? I'm not sure what her favorite kibble is but I think it's the WalMart brand....

    2. I promise to feed OR walk her everyday, but I can't guarantee both...6 kids, a dog and cat keep me pretty busy, but I'll see what I can do. I may even give her water every few weeks as a bonus! I hope Walmart brand is good enough since that's all we have. Our kids love it so I think she will too. Do you think she'll mind sharing a litter box with the cat or should we get her one of her own?


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