Christmas Village

Ryan is frighteningly excited for Christmas. He is obsessed with the little Christmas villages everywhere. I was holding him up to look at one display (for over 25 minutes) when I decided I should just buy one for our house.
Then I looked at the prices - each house was $45-$75(!!!!!), and decided I would rather spend $300 on laxatives, hair product, Taco Bell, and maternity pants than on a stupid Christmas village.

I remember my crafty mom painting a set when I was little. I loved to watch her paint them.

The unpainted plaster houses were only a few dollars each so I bought them and planned to paint my own.

That was like, my 8th worst Christmas idea ever.  

These took FOREVER to paint. FOREVER. Like 6-8 hours each.

I wanted to quit after the first one but of course I had already bought all the plaster houses. It physically painful for me to waste things so I felt the need to paint most of them. Bleh.

Plus, returning them to the store required me getting dressed and combing my ratty hair, so that was out of the question.

They turned out amazing of course. Sometimes it's nice to have completely useless, unmarketable talents.

Ryan loves them. I even let him paint with me. His house has like, 30 coats of paint on it.

I mostly let him paint it so I wouldn't have to.
I'm such an awesome mom.


  1. these are freaking amazing!! i am very impressed.

  2. They are amazing! Your hard work has paid off because you'll have them for years to come!


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