Wuss in Boots

Living in Southern California has ruined me.

Every time I come to Utah in the winter I get an extreme case of wussiness.

I used to wake up at 6am when it snowed so I could spend the day snowboarding in the freezing mountains.

Now I hide in my bed until 10am and spend the day in my parents warm house while my mom makes me soup and hot chocolate. I look out over my parents deck and think to myself, "this looks like a good week to stay in....."

The air is so dry here that I feel like I'm shriveling up into a 29 year old raisin. I would go to Sephora and spend my grocery money buying all their body scrubs and lotions if it weren't so cold outside.

When I get morning sickness I do the usual throwing up and peeing of the pants, but because of the dry air, now I get bloody noses too.
It's strangely liberating to have fluids coming out of almost every hole of your body at once.

We can't even visit friends since we are infected from the cold weather. Ryan and I both have colds. Poor little Pee-Baby coughs all night. We had to bust out a humidifier.

I used to drive like a stunt-man when there was snow on the roads. Over 5 years in California and 1 and a 1/2 babies later has turned me into one of those idiot hyper-vigilant drivers who go 25mph on the freeway. Humanity, I apologize.

I feel out of place because there are so many middle class white people. I always wished I was brown, and in SoCal I'm with my people. Ryan immediately made friends with the only Latino girl at the McDonald's play place. He loves all the brown kids at the Boys and Girls Club. I might make a special trip to Kerns or West Valley so I can relax.

I cried a little because I can't wear flip-flops everywhere like I normally do. Do you realize how hard it is for pregnant chicks to put on socks AND boots???

I dress like this:

Which, I can assure you, is not that cute when you are 29 weeks pregnant.

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