Marking My Nest

Yesterday, after a long, hard stare into my knife drawer (and an encouraging text from a friend) I decided not to preform a back-alley C-section on myself.

I like to think I'm a reasonable person, and our butcher knife just wasn't as sharp as I would have preferred.

I backed away, out of the kitchen, then drove to Barnes and Noble and spent too much money.
I felt a little better.
I pulled that trick last week too. Stacks of good books and magazines calm me down.

Do you know what else helps calm my pregnancy induced mania?

Obsessively cleaning and organizing my house. Every day.

 I was never this crazy when pregnant with Cryin Ryan.

Baby #2 is making me insane.

I am constantly washing sheets and clothing because I could have the baby anytime and I really don't want to come home to dirty laundry.

My house is meticulously organized and everything is labeled because I'm 90% sure I'll have a heart attack if it's not.

Jared is scared to cook in the kitchen because I freak out if it's not perfectly clean.

Apparently I'm not as concerned with my own personal cleanliness. I walked around Target for 45 minutes with mysterious white crust on my baby bump.

I wasn't done shopping and was too lazy to wash it off, so I just left it there.

I think I need to chill out..... or have the baby asap.

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