Toilet Realizations

Cryin Ryan has NO interest in potty training.
He tells me, "no thanks mom, no thanks."

I can't blame him. I'm not that excited about it either.

The only sign of bodily function awareness came at Christmastime when a worried Ryan ran up to me and questioned:

"Momma! I toot by my penis?!?!"

Yes Ryan. You toot by your penis.
This realization seemed like an important milestone, so I noted it in his baby book.

I had lofty goals of potty training him before baby #2 comes.

I bought one of those kid seats that fit on top on an adult toilet. I really didn't want to be cleaning out one of those nasty potty chairs all the time.

What I didn't prepare for was Ryan's complete disgust with the toilet.

His whole life I have drilled it into his head that "we don't touch or play in the toilet, it's gross". In hindsight, maybe I should have been a little less extreme, because now he is too grossed out to use it.

I was forced to buy one of those dumb child-size potty chairs.

Our only dollop of success

Ryan was more open to sitting on a toilet his own size, but still preferred squatting in a corner and dumping in his diaper.

After an honest conversation with myself, I gave up.
Fighting a toddler to poop in his potty chair is no fun when I am throwing up in the toilet next to him. The disgustingness outweighs any convenience.

I was surprised a few days ago to learn that Pee-toddler was, again, more aware of his body than I assumed.

He brought me a diaper and disgustedly told me:
"Moooomm! Ryan poo shapes out his butt. Eeeww, yuck!!!!!"

Once again, I duly noted it in his baby book.


  1. Both my boys were very late with their potty training, but when they are ready both physically and emotionally they have (almost) no accidents and we don't have to run to a toilet everytime they need to go. Even though it means changing diapers longer I have found it to be way less stressful.

  2. I was not fully prepared when suddenly I was looking at your kids dookie. Gosh, give a girl a little advanced warning next time!

  3. Now you made me look like a fool laughing my head off silently in the airport - by myself. Good job writing in his baby book! It makes life interesting!!!!


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