Sink Excitment

I think I'm in loovvveeee.

For the most part, Jared has finished the kitchen. There are little things to complete here and there but it is usable and much prettier than before.

One of the things I'm especially giddy about is our sink.

It is beautiful.... over-priced, but beautiful.


I didn't want a metal sink because I feel like they always have water spots everywhere.

I can't co-exist with water spots.

I insisted we buy a white one.

It's huge, cast iron, apron-front, under-mounted, and doesn't judge me when I stay in my pajamas until 4pm.

If you have never had the pleasure of washing dishes in a huge sink, you are totally invited to come to my house and try it out.

When baby #2 comes, I plan on bathing him in the sink and washing dishes at the same time. It is going to be amazing.......

(I just realized that what qualifies as "amazing" in my life is extremely sad.)


  1. So cute! I'm totally jealous you have a house. A house in California. Where there is sunshine. And palm trees. And Arnold Swartzenegger.

  2. I once did a post...Can You Love A Sink? I had very few comments but I still love my sink. Yours is very good.


  3. omg im pea green with envy. i love my ridiculously overpriced california house but there is only on thing i cant stand about it.....and it's my kitchen sink!!!!

  4. I get it. It's lovely. And to have a window right above it is so nice. :)

  5. Sinks are a big deal!!! If you are bathing baby in there.....I just hope you put the disposal on that side for poop accidents! Just say in'. And good job on making the sink large! It'll work still if you have twins! :) hahahahaha!!!!!!!


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