Questionable Get Well Gift

6 years ago we bought the house across the street from Jared's grandma.
She is amazing, smart, funny, independent, and the only relative we have that I would live so close to.
Pee-toddler LOVES her.
She is so good to him. My whole family lives in Utah so I'm glad he has a grandma close by to spoil him.
She was not feeling well last week so I helped Ryan make her a Get Well present.

I don't know if play-dough monsters made by 2 year olds are clinically proven to promote well being, but we made it anyway.
The results were questionable at best, but it made grandma smile so I consider it successful.
We recently make some glitter slime stuff too. I'm sure Ryan is stoked that in between watching me throw-up, lie face down on the floor, and curse pregnancy, he gets to do sensory activities from Pinterest.

 What an angelic smile...


  1. bahahah I love that face! The play doh monster is pretty great too.

  2. Looks like Ryan's "cheese" has been taken to a new level! And I'm glad grandma is across the street too! It makes me less stressed when you don't feel well! And grandmas LOVE any gift a child makes. Hand made gifts are always best! Even spaghetti monsters!!! Loves!!!! Only a few more days!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!


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