Utah House: Part I

 Moving from California to Utah has been a little sad, but one thing that makes me happy is the cheap housing.
When we were house hunting we were shocked at the amount of house you could get for your money.
There were a lot of brand new craftsman style homes, but they had small rooms and hardly any storage space. We would of had to wait 6-8 months while it was built, which I am way too impatient for.

 We ended up buying this house because there is a TON of storage space, which I am obsessed with.

The front room has a pile of boxes has been there since we moved in December. It's all my books. We (and by "we", I mean Jared) are going to build in a ton of bookshelves and make it a mini library, since I have no use for a formal living room.
I hate everyone so it's not like I have a ton of visitors.

The antique piano came with the house, which is awesome since none of us play the piano. And it's not like I'm going to start. I firmly gave up the piano as a young girl since my teacher's house smelled like mold and dog feces.

Notice if you will, Ryan trying to point his butt at the camera and Tyler eating way to many corndogs. It's always classy at the Scott's house.

The kitchen has an amazing amount of cabinet space. 1/4 of them are empty and it makes my neat-freak heart happy. We are going to paint the ceilings, trim and baseboards white so it's not so brown. Maybe the brown is good though since my kids are dirty and poop everywhere.

Kitchen desk that is usually was more cluttered than this picture.

The mudroom is deliciously big.


There are two pantrys. One in the kitchen and one across from the mudroom. I obviously dont have that much food, since I never cook. So I use it as a Mormon Girl Supplies/all the kids toys/Preschool crap room.

One of the BEST things about our house is these toilet paper holders. Do you know how much time I save by just sliding the roll on? Probably only like 15 seconds, but it feels like a lot more.



  1. Love this. Your Mormon girl supply closet gave me a choner (craft boner). Can't wait to come visit and cover it in paint, dirt, and other Pinterest inspired messes.

  2. Wow! Your house is beautiful and HUGE! I'm pretty jealous since we are living in a small two bedroom apartment right now:)


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