Utah House: Part II

Mmmmmkay. So here's more house pics.
The 1/2 bath across from the laundry room decorated with my fancy modge podge map:

The Master bedroom decorated with nothing since I am a sad combination of lazy and cheap:

I love this house's layout because you have to pass the master bedroom to get to any of the other bedrooms. It make me feel that my kids are safer because if any creeper tries to sneak in, We will hear them, exercise our 2nd amendment rights, then Jared can hold the dude down while I rip his nuts off and gut him with a blunt razor blade and my teeth.

Another view of the sad/lazy/cheap/potentially murderous master:

Master bath:

The shower has 2 shower heads which is as awesome as you would imagine.

Other part of master bath:

Walk in hall closet:

A hall that displays my house's ample amount of ceiling titties:



  1. Awesome house! I like the map above the toilet...men can bone up on their geography as they pee! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! There is so much room in your house! Next time I come into town I'm staying with you. You could easily fit an extra bed in your master. And Isaac would be so happy nursing from your ceiling.


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