Utah House: Part IV

This is dumb but I was feeling bad for myself because the view isn't nearly as good as our view in Califonia. But then I remembered to stop being a little brat, and I felt better.

Our backyard, which fuels Ryan's obsession with rocks:

Jared's workshop and more rocks:

Jared's workshop and mess:

Side yard with sad yellow grass after a cold winter:

The previous owners left a sweet hot tub but of course we are too cheap to run it:

Basement food storage and other crap room:

Our classy home gym:

Rest of basement full of other random junk like a Christmas tree, plastic storage bins, and my old slutty prom dresses:

That's pretty much it.
the end.


  1. Oh my goodness your yard has so much party potential. Too bad your antisocial. And I feel like we spent like 75% of our friendship pre marriage together in a hot tub. It's ironic you have one and your too cheap to use it, because I feel like that's the only type of person who does use a hot tub, cheap women.


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