Everyone who knows me knows that basically, I suck at life. My few redeeming qualities include: man harassmentthe uncanny ability to go for days without a shower, making elf babies, wasting time and ART.

I am a little good at drawing crap. It gets my creative juices flowing:

It sucks to be good at art since it's super hard to find jobs/income to do it.
Why can't I be good at something that pays a lot of money? Astronaughting, engineering, or CEO'ing?

It's because I spent  my high school and college years drawing instead of taking notes.
My Binders were awesome, but I should have put more time into CEO'ing.
I know that I would CEO super hard.

My sis Fachel recently moved into her an apartment and needed some stuff to hang up. I told her to buy the canvas and supplies and I would paint it. Also, I told her not to worry because if she didn't like it we could regift it to someone we hate.

I had an awesome idea to paint her some huge angel wings.

Step One: buy supplies
Step Two: paint the base color all ever the board:

Step Three: paint angel wings:

See how easy it is!!!

My sis-in-law got married and wanted one of those trendy tree sign-in guest book things so I art-ed this up for her:

All the wedding guests use stamp ink and make fingerprint "leaves", or something pinteresty like that.

I also got creative with makeup:

A skillfully cultivated living Father's Day card:

And a stimulating sidewalk chalk paint creation:

Jared was pleased with my message I wrote to him and was glad that our kids can't read.

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  1. Oh wow! You are the CEO of Making People Wet Their Pants Laughing. Official title for whatever you decide to do.


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