Vasectomy Consideration

Husband and I both come from large loving families with 7 wonderful children each.
Which is why, before we got married, we vowed never to have that many kids.

I never had a special set number of kids that I wanted. I figured I would play it by ear and the universe or my spirit animal would tell me when my family was complete.

Well, lately Jared and I have had discussions regarding a vasectomy.

I seriously can't get enough of kids. They are so cute, funny, and innocent.

I LOVE kids..... just not my own.

The problem is neither the universe or my spirit animal has given me any signs on what to do.

That's why I made this handy flow chart to help me and everyone else:

Hopefully this helps some people with their decision.

P.S. I drew an ugly picture of Ryan and he laughed and thought it was the funniest thing ever, so I guess I don't really hate my kids and will probs have more. ugh.


  1. My vote is you have them til my mother's curse kicks in instead of the cutie-patooties you have!


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