Baby Sara Returns

My baby sister Sara went on a Mormon mission to Kansas for 18 months.

Surprisingly, she didn't get sent home early for behavior infractions.
She worked hard, served others, and grew her questionable pixie haircut out to a more acceptable length.

Mormon missionary homecomings are quite the spectacle.

Everyone gathers at the airport to see the returning missionary. Balloons, signs, and  "welcome home" banners are made since Mormons love crafting and glitter.

Since Baby Sara went to Kansas, the only logical thing to do was to make Wizard of Oz costumes for all the nieces and nephews to wear to the airport.
My mom sewed her butt off.

Aiden and Cryin Ryan were lollipop kids while Brooke was Glenda the good witch:

Little Jackson, also a lollipop kid:

New baby Noah as the scarecrow:

Laura as Dorothy and T-bag as the Tin Man.

Baby Sara saw Ryan's hair and I knew in my heart that she appreciated my hairstyling skills:

I don't have a pic of the lion or a pic of all the kids together cause I'm not that smart.

Of course I made the best homecoming poster ever:

Inappropriate on all levels.


  1. All so funny---the sign... So you

    Have a cast on my domiant arm so thisis as good as it gts.!!! :)

    Jane x

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  3. Best. Sign. Ever. And, welcome home Sara!!!!!

  4. Sometimes I think we've grown and matured, and then I stumble across your posts like this.


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