Hate Eating

Cryin Ryan is the WORST eater ever.
I'll go ahead and attribute that to my sub-par parenting skills.

I'm a crappy cook by choice.
I hate cooking and I follow a 80/20 diet. 80% candy and 20% cereal.
So when Ryan wanted Reese's Pieces for breakfast, guess what, I put some in a bowl with a spoon and patted myself on the back. 

Jared is the cook in our house. (I know, I have a hot husband that cooks for me, but he also spends too much money at Home Depot so don't be that jealous.)
The last couple of years he has been somewhat of a short-order cook for Ryan..... which is exactly what you are not supposed to do.

Our biggest problem is he refuses to TRY things. I beg for him to eat just one bite to see if he likes it or not.
He didn't want to try spaghetti last week so he went to bed without dinner. He woke up in the morning pale and sad. He promptly vomited everywhere. I quickly gave him some toast so no one would call child protective services on me.

We've tried everything to get him to eat more foods.
Positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, bribes, threats, tricks, and even this crap:

Finally I told him he can't ever play with friends ever again in his whole life if he didn't try some damn macaroni and cheese. I had just spent a solid 15 minutes making it and I was not messing around.

He angrily ate 2 noodles.

I considered that a win. He got down from his chair and stomped away. He was pissed.

A few minutes later he came back and did this to me:

He made up his own sign language to tell me he hates me.

Real cute, Ryan. Real cute.

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  1. I tried to teach him a booger song and how to stomp his foot at you, but he just looked disgusted at me and replied, "grandma, we don't do that. It's not nice." He wouldn't even bend when I said it would be ok as long as he didn't sing it to dad. Nope! Apparently the kicker is mac N cheese! I'll remember that! :)


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