Friday, December 21, 2012

Stan the Tree Ornament

A few years ago I made my mom some dumb little ornaments for Christmas.
I saw some at Anthropologie and thought it would be easy enough to copy.

They turned out like a 5 year old's first sewing project.
I was frustrated and decided to make my mom something awesome to make up for my lame felt houses and the too-trendy owl.

Meet Stan.

Isn't he precious? 

I suspect Stan is quite the voyeur. Every time I am in the room with him, I can feel his beady little eyes staring at me.  But in a cute way... not the creepy way.

Every year he straddles a branch on one of my parent's trees.

 This year my dad gave me $200 to decorate one of the other trees. It was fun letting my inner Martha Stewart out..... especially since I didn't have to pay for it.

 It has been snowing while I've been here in Utah and I am stoked. I like snow as much as I like lipgloss.

  I should totally open up an etsy shop to sell Stan ornaments, right?


  1. I know you've been living in California for awhile, but when you take your baby outside, you probably should put a coat on him. And when your friend's kid is abusing your baby, you probably should leave.

  2. Lucky you have snow! I'm in Bountiful and we have NOTHING.

    I HATE how miserably cold it's been.. if it's going to be cold enough to freeze someone's tits off, it might as well just snow.


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