I Really Like Jared

He is a fine specimen of man, especially with his shirt off.

While dating he told me "three strikes and you're out, just remember you're at number two."

He doesn't question my investments in clothing or hair product.

He can beat Age of Empires on the hardest setting. I just love when a man can beat a computer game into submission. sexy.

When praying he thanks Heavenly Father if I had good behavior that day.

He is bigger than me. I dated a couple of tiny men and just can't get over the fact that I could man-handle them.

When I say "I love you" he sometimes says "I don't care" and then we laugh for five minutes straight.

He rewards me for good behavior.

And he's pretty:

By the way, my new eyebrow hairs are coming in quite nicely.


  1. Best brother-in-law ever! One day I hope to have as good of relationship as you two do.

  2. Hahahah Emily is it sad that I get excited when I see you've updated your blog?

    You crack me UP!


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