Dirty Braids

My fam is visiting California to bask in my sunny personality. Its a big deal when they visit because we get to do all sorts of things we can't afford otherwise, like going to a movie theatre!!! My collection of DVDs is not very family friendly so instead of chilling out at home we headed to cinema.

After finding out that not seeing Avatar is a sin, Jared and I readily agreed to see it. My parents wanted us to repent for our grievous sinning against pop culture and cutting edge computer graphics.

Avatar is pretty amazing. One of the few movies that live up to all the hype. The only problem I had was with the pornographic braids.

Slimy tentacles slither out of their phallic braids waiting to fuse together and bond with another creature. You can "bond" anything... plants, freaky horses or other aliens... whatever floats your boat.
The two main characters end up making out before the camera pans out alluding to the fact that they are totally bumpin braids.

I bet they didn't even use protection.

What is that teaching the children? You can just go around rubbing braids with everyone like an unpaid Na'vi whore? Our society really needs to be presenting messages that do not include premarital braid touching.

The following picture is NSFW:

Later Jared asked if I was in the mood to bump braids..... I was. amen.

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