100 Calories of LIES

Yesterday I went to the happiest place on earth.... Costco.

I bought 6 gallons of milk because I love milk more than I love Jared.

I also bought an amazing assortment of 100 calorie snacks! I was so excited to have guilt free cookies at my fingertips. I figured I could pack them in my lunches every day when I skip to school.

Little did I know.......Keebler LIES!!!! And they package their lies in cute pouches of 100 calories or less. The package does not warn you. It should say:

WARNING: these snacks are freaking delicious and once you eat one bag you will probably eat 5-6 more. Then, a few minutes later, you will remember how good they are and eat two more entire bags. And Surprise!!! Your 100 calorie snack is now a 900 calorie snack.

I hate you and your mouth-watering lies, Keebler. amen.

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  1. That's why we don't buy the cookie 100-calorie packs, just the chips, but even then it gets tempting...
    Tom & Violet


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