Butt Doll

Nursery at a Mormon church.

Full of surprises. Few of them good.

Loving families donate their old toys to the nursery so we end up with some interesting things.

But nothing prepared me for this:

A sweet little girl brought this questionable doll to me and told me she couldn't find any underwear. I immediately called Jared over to show him the plastic butt in a sea of flesh-colored cloth. We laughed for five minutes straight.

Because the other women that work with me are used to my unconventional approach to mass childcare, I knew they would think the baboon butt was funny.

They laughed. Who wouldn't?
I wish I knew who donated Butt Doll. Seriously, who picks that out at a store, buys it, let's their kid play with, it then donates it to a church? Someone who is awesome, thats who.

I wondered whether the pornographic doll should remain in our nursery (especially with our "no nakeds" policy).... I came to the conclusion that if the kids are confused by a doll's crack then we probably have much bigger problems on our hands. And out of respect for the toy company that designed and manufactured a doll with two sets of plastic cheeks.

Butt doll remains.

Plus, whenever anyone plays with it, Jared and I look at each other and giggle.... Well, Jared doesn't giggle, he does a sexy man laugh.


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