Imperative Information

From the Facebook meme: 25 Fact about yourself. Enjoy.

1. I take cold showers.
2. I can't swim well but I scuba dive

(Except this trip I almost drowned but Jared's sister Sara saved me by inflating by BC-vest. I'm dumb.)

3. I can smell everything. This is not a good ability.

4. If I have to poop in public bathrooms, I time it so when someone is flushing the toilet, I go. This masks sounds that might arise.

5. My favorite
place in the world is Bali.
6. I eat candy every day.

7. I've been arrested.
8. I sometimes wish I was Black.
9. I once evicted my tenant, with a crash course is CA law.

10. I think people who have no regrets are idiots.

11. I shave my whole body except the head.

12. Getting glasses has me convinced that my body is giving out on me.

13. I drink three gallons of milk a week.

14. The more I know the more I realize how stupid I are.

15. Kids freak me out but I babysit part-time and work in the nursery at my church.
16. My husband cooks and I mow the lawn.

17. I have only ever loved Jared.

18. I lost the Miss
Riverton Pageant three times. During one swimsuit portion I had the worst camel toe ever.
19. I won the swimsuit competition that year.
20. I couldn't ever date a guy who participated in theater musicals. I need a manly man.
21. I play the guitar.
22. I am a firm believer in 9 hours of sleep every night.

23. Midterms and Finals make me breakout so bad. I look like a rabid dog.

24. I've had a gun pulled on me.

25. Every job I have ever interviewed for I was offered.


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  1. Can I ask for an elaborate post on the gun story and the time you got arrested story? You're blog makes me miss you and the good times we had as kids! I was telling my husband the other day about something we had done when we were younger and we were cracking up about it! I can't post it on here but it was hilarious!! good times :)


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