5 Years of Awesome

This Friday, May 21, Jared and I will have been married for five. Entire. Years.

Jared began humbly as "Lunch-break." The many boys in my phone were not known by their names, they were known simply by their place in my life or nicknames that my friends had given them.
Common examples include:
"White Trash-eriffic"
"Rapey Jake"
"Short but Hot"
and "Too Tan"

Jared was dubbed "Lunch-break" as his apartment was down the street from my work. On days when I wasn't hungry for food I would drive over to Jared's. A quick make-out session later and I was ready for the rest of the day, hence "Lunch-break."

The only problem with this system was my family and friends constantly slipped and referred to my dates as their nicknames........ To their face.

I knew things were getting serious when I changed his name to "Jared" in my phone.

After asking me to marry him on New Years Eve, I canceled my date with "Rapey Jake" figuring that my new fiance might not approve of me hanging out with someone who has "Rapey" in their nickname.

We got married.
And we lived happily ever after.


  1. Do you remember when we were hanging out with "Scar Face" and "Dooche Lord" and we told them about our little nicknames in our cell phones? I felt so bad when Scar Face called me to see what his name said. But hey - he did have a pretty big scar across his face.... We were so evil.

    Speaking of "lunch break", remember when you first saw "Burp Swallower" without his shirt and you wanted to trade me "Burp Swallower" for "Lunch Break?". You are so lucky I wasn't nice to you that day.

  2. All-time favorite: The picture of you grabbing his ass! LOL


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