Sugar on Top

So I have a new church job and am no longer in the Nursery. Fine, but if I don't get to chill out with 2-3 year olds, I'm taking Butt Doll with me.... And dont think I'm not going to sneak pretzels and goldfish crackers into the adult class.

My new job is Secretary in the Young Women s organization. This group consists of 12-18 year old teenagers who continually behave more mature than I do. I basically hang out with them at church on Sunday and Tuesday nights. I also have to do secretary stuff like nodding and smiling at the same time.
Last night a couple of girls came to my house and dropped this off:

Chocolate covered marshmallows with sprinkles.

Thats right. Sugar covered sugar with sugar on top. In a bucket.

...............The 3 year olds never gave me candy.

This Young Woman's thing just might work out.

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  1. You.....leading the Young Women....being an example to impressionable girls.....

    I thought callings were supposed to be divinely inspired??? Maybe your bishop was having a bad day...


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