Monkey Forrest

Five years ago Jared and I were heading out on our 2 week honeymoon. Jared refused to tell me where we were going and only told me to pack a lot a swim suits and hiking boots.

After a 14 hour flight on our layover in Taipei, Taiwan Jared finally told me where he was kidnapping me. 6 more hours on a small plane and we would be in Bali, Indonesia. Awesome.

Memorable times included

  • Five dollar - hour long massages.
  • Scuba Diving a shipwreck.
  • FOOD, some of the best food ever and all extremely cheap.
  • $18 a night bungalows right on the beach. 

  • Doing IT.
  • Almost getting ripped off by a gang of small Indonesian men.
  • Teenage boys thinking I was some famous person while freaking out and making Jared take pictures of them with me.
  • Outdoor Showers.
  • Coincidentally meeting some family friends and having dinner at their traditional Balinese compound.
  • Being with my new husband for 24 hours a day in paradise.

But one of the best memories....

The Monkey Forrest.

Crazy monkeys everywhere who stole stuff out of peoples purses. The only way the tourists could get their stuff back was by trading bananas with the monkeys. For real.

Plus, look at their hairy balls. 


  1. Im curious to know how you DIDNT know where you were going! Seriously. Doesnt it say right on the marquee at the ticket counter at the airport...and by the gate...and over the intercom... and over the PA on the plane before they tell you to buckle up...? Im trying to figure this out...

  2. I rarely pay attention to my surroundings.

  3. We are going to get a group of couples to go to Costa Rica end of July or beginning of August. Rent a cheap but awesome beach house, flights are cheap down there too. You guys wanna come???? There are crazy terrorist monkeys there too.

  4. Please take off the "waste of my time and yours" title.Everyday I pray your blog is updated so I can laugh my face off.
    Thank you


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