Shrek Crotch

I had a great idea this morning as I was running around late for work.

I could add spinach to my chocolate-banana protein shake! Breakfast with the added benefits of all the nutrients spinach provides! Seemingly genius. Plus my over sized carton of Costco spinach was going to start rotting any day.
I grabbed a handful of wilted spinach and threw it in the blender. I jumped into my work clothes just in time to witness my shake morph into Shrek colored diarrhea.

Still in a hurry I grabbed my lip gloss, candy and car keys. With the brownish green puke-shake in my hand I locked the door.... only to turn around and spill all over my pants and all over my porch.
So today I got to chill out at Joes Jeans with green rot all over my crotch. amen.

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