Meet Gramps

My Grandpa Earl died last week. He was in a car accident. Bleh. 

People dying sucks. 
I was glad that I got to see him on Thanksgiving.
I had to fly to Utah immediately for the funeral. The circumstance was heartbreaking but it was good to see family I haven't seen for years. My Grandma held it together like a champ. She is definitely my favorite Grandma.

Some things you should know about Earl Groneman:
  • He smelt like Old Spice and Listerine
  • He grew apples that would make the serpent in the Garden of Eden jealous
  • He was a dirty, dirty Democrat but loved Mitt Romney
  • He only wore skinny ties
  • He called every girl "Myrtle" (I suspect it was because he couldn't remember their names)
  • He turned his hearing aids down when he was sick of you
  • He liked to go fishing. I know this because he made me watch hours and hours of his fishing videos from Alaska.... HOURS.
  • He once set off a bomb in Liberty park
  • He forwarded so many emails I had to put him on my spam list. He called them "Daily Gems" but I think a better name would have been "Hourly Annoyances", now I miss them
  • His middle name is Rose, like me
  • He died in the car accident while on his way to volunteer at an LDS temple which he had done for 30 years
  • He thought he was younger than he actually was, evidenced by him climbing on his roof, jumping into the backs of large pick-up trucks and helping neighbors build fences
  • He came to all of his grand-kids soccer games, dance recitals and court dates
  • He could make killer bread and pancakes
  • He gave me a jar of rhubarb jam  the last time I saw him... I think I'm going to save it as a memento, preserved jam stays good for years right?
  • He was a really nice and good guy
  • He was down for almost everything... even dressing up like a pirate for one of Jared's birthdays

 Love you and see you soon Gramps. amen.


  1. But don't you wish you could get one more 'hourly annoyance', I sure do!

  2. Sorry to hear that em. He sounds amazing. I'm sure he's proud of how amazing you turned out to be too. Love you.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Grandparents are priceless people in one's life and it's sad to lose them.

    xo anelieze

  4. My sweet girl! I miss him too. And I so wantedto display that pirate picture at the funeral! I'm glad you have it. Now I'll copy it into my pics. Loveyou!


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