Bits of Love from my Sisters

I dug into my old box again and found the following:

 Emily, When she wakes up
(yes, that is a swastika on my shirt)
By Sara

 Emily, the evil fat elf
J.L. = Jiffy Lube
 By Rachel

By Megan

I missed you so bad don't ever go away again. O.k. O.k. Oh and where did you go? And I cried when you left so that would be 1 reason for you not to leave again. Then I was in the shower and I was crying in the shower, well see you later
Love/ 1 of your sisters
P.S. try to find out who I am (smiley face)
By Sara

This little gem is also from Megan:

But upon closer inspection:

What What WHAT?!


  1. haha these are hilarious.
    Way better than any notes I've ever received..!

  2. Seriously? Your poor parents....


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