Jared Turns 33

 Dang I am an awesome wife.
Yesterday was Jared's birthday. We both had the day off so I planned an extravaganza for him.

He woke up to this poster:

I got him this sweet NorthFace Fleece he's been wanting and some gummy orange slices. I'm thoughtful like that. 
We got to Santa Barbara, strapped on pee-baby and wasted time skipping down main street.

The amount of homeless people has at least doubled since I was there a few months ago.
Ryan got his first high off all the marijuana smoke in the air. I think he liked it. Check out his red eyes and stoned smile:

I cant wait to write this milestone down in his baby book!!!

We went to this store that had 90% off all Christmas Junk Food. You read that right... 90% off.

We got way too much stuff. Jared was embarrassed at the cashier so we played it off like we were buying it for the Boys and Girls club.

I let Jared pick out the restaurant. We've been wanting to try this awesome Cajun place but Jared had another idea.

I guess the dirty sex we had wasn't enough. He wanted to get even dirtier and eat at this super-nasty hole-in-the-wall taco dump.

Authentic Mexican Tacos.

Their menu includes beef, pork, steamed beef, head, cheek, lip, tongue, and eye. Yep... you choose the body part and they'll put it in a corn tortilla for you.

Jared got a ton of stuff. I could barely get down 2 pork tacos. I didn't trust any place that cooked head, eyes and lips in the same vicinity as my meat. It looked suspicious.

I'll try almost anything... but not when my feet are sticking to the restaurant floors and it smells like roasted eyeballs.

We came home and watched a movie, Horrible Bosses, which was one of the dumbest movies ever.


  1. This makes me want to live in California. Mostly because you got to drive along the beach on your way to Santa Barbara.... Jealous.

  2. I'm proud of you for talking about eating body parts (including tacos) and not once referencing something perverted. Aww. My little Emily is growing up!


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