Meet Melanie

    • She is Cryin Ryan's surrogate Aunt since none of his other aunts love him enough to move to California.
    • She takes better care of Ryan than I do.
    • Jared has trusted  only two people to babysit Ryan, she is one of them.
    • She comes over to help me pack, work and organize.
    • Lucky for her, she fits in my pre-baby weight clothing.
    • Ryan adores her.  
    • She is cute, smiley and awesome.
    • She reads my blog and doesn't tattletale on me when I'm bad/nasty.
    • She gave me this for Christmas:

    That's right suckers. That's what happens when you look so desperate that cute girls from your church pity you.
    Free babysitting for 2012.

    To garner other's sympathy and pity, all you mom's should try looking like a scared lost puppy when you hold your child. When your baby cries... cry harder. When the baby pees his pants... pee harder. And remember,

    Pity = Free stuff
    AND on top of the free childcare, she gave me cookies.

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