Pee baby normally has pretty good control over his butthole.
I can count on two hands the times he's had explosive poo and crapped out of his diaper.
This leads me to believe he plans it out.

In his quest to make my life more difficult he has had angry/vengeful poops in the following places:

  • At the airport
  • At San Diego's Wild Animal Park
  • At a church activity
  • At my Grandpa's funeral
  • At the Boys and Girls Club
  • At the airport again
He has only exploded out of his diaper once while at home.
His tendency to sputter feces in public is a little suspicious. This pattern is too coincidental to be just a random accident. He does it on purpose.
I bet he likes it. Look at his devious grin.

 Nasty little punk

 He likes to make my life harder

Since I am not a fan of turd parades, I propose that Huggies make an explosion-proof diaper:

 Bam. Problem solved. 


  1. Don't be too hard on pee baby. I also have explosive poo when I travel in airports as well.

  2. That diaper is designed for the poop to accumulate in my sweet grandbaby's armpits. Love the pictures!!!!!!


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