My Old Box

I have this whole box of old stuff.
It is filled wonderful treasures from my life.

When I am feeling extra douchey, I look through it to remind myself what a bad-a** I am.

Maybe it's the old pair of brass knuckles that really gets me pumped:

Or maybe all the love notes from Jared:

Everyday we spend together I love you more and more (even days when you are on your period) Thank you for marrying me, you make me the happiest. Love, Jared

Or it could be the inappropriate letters/pictures from my good friends and family.

Either way I feel awesomeness pulsing through my veins after I'm done going through it.
Everyone should cultivate an old box. 


  1. I remember the brass knuckles.

  2. When I saw the title of this post "MY OLD BOX" I thought this was going to be a post about something much more perverse. Hopefully your blog doesn't get too many hits for creepers interested in old lady vaginas!

  3. Just catching up your recent posts. Always jaw dropping and laugh out loud funny! What planet do you come from again?


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