Nipple #3

While in Utah, Ryan grew a 3rd nipple.

He was embarrassed about it so my sister, Sara, had to restrain him while I took a picture.

Every time we visit Utah, Cryin Ryan gets weird skin problems.

Once, his legs got all scaly like lizard skin.

Maybe he is allergic to constant road work, bad drivers, and people with perma-grins.

(Don't judge Ryan for his head being the same width as his shoulders)

Now that we are home, his 3rd nip disappeared. 


  1. Weird things happen to me when I go to Utah, too.

    But no third nips.

    Though Cryin Ryan and I do share an allergy to Utah perma-grins.

    Glad it's gone!

  2. That pick of him with a cupcake is "totes-adorbs". Is that something only happy Utahn's say?


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