Mini Batman

Like a lot of other Mormons, my brother, Daniel-baniel-fo-faniel, had painstakingly saved his virginity for his wedding night.
He had been dreaming of it since puberty.

He really wanted to make it a special experience that his bride, Erika, would remember.

Daniel's unhealthy obsession with batman fueled his wedding night plans. (You don't just give your virginity away without plans.) He told me he had been planning this since he thought of it on his LDS mission. Hopefully it was his P-day.


Thinking it was unfair that girls always wear sexy lingerie, Daniel wanted to dress up too.

He already had a mask and cape in his collection of Batman paraphernalia.
He would complete his man-lingerie with a sharpie tattoo of a bat on his bare chest.

 But no.....a naked Batman costume was not good enough for Dan.

I walked into my Mom's craftroom, days before his wedding, and found him making this:

A small black cape:

Dan started laughing and showed me a clay sculpture baking in the oven.

A small mask with one eyehole:

Yep, He made a small Batman costume for his penis.
...............And he showed it off to his family.......proudly.

I think Erika is going to be pleasantly surprised...or frightened....probably frightened.

hmmmmm..... mini Batman reminds me of other wedding night shenanigans.



  1. This is so unbelievably awesome and so incredibly creepy at the same time.


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