San Francisco

A couple of months ago my parents flew out and met us in San Francisco.

 I was secretly giddy because PIXAR studios are there and in my next life I am sure I will be an animator (NOT a prostitute, as my brother would have you think).

This picture illustrates my need for serious butt exercise, as I am clearly on my way to a "mom butt". 

On the other hand, my boobies are looking awesome! Too bad it's 90% Victoria's Secret and only 10% me. 

My mom and Cryin Ryan on a boat tour. Ryan did not behave himself. 

My sister Rachel came with us after visiting me in Camarillo for a week. We caused an impressive amount of trouble. 

While eating in Chinatown, the only thing Pee-toddler wanted to do was stick grapes on his chopsticks, and shove them in his nose.
Way to celebrate other cultures....

THE WINCHESTER HOUSE!!! I have been wanting to go here since I saw a creepy documentary on the history channel. I even wrote it down of my life's To Do List. 
 It is awesome and totally worth the money my dad paid for us to go. 

We didn't get to go on the cool basement tour because once again, Pee-baby is too young and ruins everything. Instead we played near a small fountain in front of the house, which totally made up for it........NOT.

AWWWWW! My parents are so rad. 


  1. Ryan must get his need to shove foreign objects into his orifices from you...

  2. Awww...deep down I know you had an awesome time with your parents and I know they had to have eaten up Cryin Ryan!



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