Toilet Paper Lingerie

My mom threw my brother's fiancé, Erika, a bridal shower.
She put me in charge of one of the games.

You know that one bridal shower game where you get into groups and try to make the best wedding dresses out of toilet paper?

Yeah, we didn't do that.

Instead, I had everyone use the toilet paper to make their make the best wedding night lingerie.

I questioned how successful this game would be with our conservative Mormon family, but I specialize in all things inappropriate and decided to do it anyway.

I gave each group some toilet paper and a roll of white duct tape. I figured we would need tape since most of the toilet paper pieces would be pretty small.

I gave them 20 minutes.

Since there was a good amount of kids there, I drew huge coloring pages on poster boards. It distracted them while the adults were up to no good.

When time was up, I hurried the lingerie models into the hallway.

I turned on Madonna's "Like A Virgin" and had each model strut down the living room in their slutty homemade outfits.

After the fashion show, the models lined up while the Bride and Groom chose their favorite creation.

My dirty sister's team won for their sumo diaper/sex whip/nip tassel masterpiece.



  1. You and your sisters look so much alike! You should have one of them slip in the bedroom with your husband late at night and see if he notices...

  2. What a challenging game, I suppose if you have them 1/4 of a roll they would have been racier.


  3. I've been in many family bridal showers, but this is the first time I heard this game; very unique. You definitely discovered a new use for toilet paper. Two thumbs up for you!

    Clay Delgado @ WorldPackagingCo.com


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