13 Weeks

Want to see something sad?

Check out my 11 week picture from my first full pregnancy in 2011:

I was so..... so........ so dressed. It looks like I even took a shower! My hair is done, my clothes are clean and I'm wearing a bra. Wait a minute...... am I smiling???

I had morning sickness with Ryan but it was manageable. It didn't last all day and I could keep enough food down so that I had some energy.

Here comes the sad part, check out this picture I took yesterday:

I'm 13 weeks along. I'm a mess.

I wore these pajamas for two days/nights. My dirty hair is in unintentional dreadlocks. At least I am wearing a bra.
I can't remember the last time I showered.

Technically, I should be getting over my morning sickness any day now. But since I threw up in the freezer section of my local grocery store 3 days ago, I'm guessing I won't be over it any time soon. Did I mention that pretty much everytime I throw up, I pee my pants a little?

Luckily I carry around a Ziploc bag to puke in, so it's not like I threw up all over the floor.
That would have been embarrassing.....

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  1. I feel for you sweetie, I hope this doesn't go on much longer. When I was little, whenever I was sick, my mom drew up a warm bath and while I was soaking, she would fluff and fix the bed and make me some juice and crackers. It always made me feel warm, cozy and loved. Now of course, we all have to take care of ourselves these days (and everyone else), but treat yourself everyday to a long hot shower, some clean comfy clothes and just braid your hair. Okay, I'm mothering you!! lol! I just think you'll feel better.


    P.S. Have you tried Depends?


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