Ryan Drops the F-Bomb

Ryan saying the word "frog" sounds suspiciously like the F-word.


Don't mind the disaster in the background of this next video. Jared thought it would be a great idea to remodel our kitchen. He is making all the cabinets himself and decided to store them in my living room!
You know how much I love clutter!!!!

We were watching a documentary on frogs:


It doesn't help that I laugh every time he says it. I am such an enabler.

Ryan was in timeout yesterday and to get out, he yelled out the frog/EFF word. He knew I would laugh and let him out....... and I did.


I really need to work on my priorities.

P.S. I promise Cryin Ryan does not always run around in his diaper. I totally get him dressed for church on Sundays.


  1. That is hilarious! He is such a cutie!!

  2. Why do all of your posts make me laugh and then I shake my head because I feel guilty for finding this crap funny.


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