Ryan's First Car Wash

I usually am a big fan of washing my car myself.

But lately, I'm too disgusting to do it myself.
I went to Costco to buy potstickers, watermelon, and butter, and decided to take a ride through their fancy carwash.
It was Cryan's first time.

He was a little concerned as we entered:

A little more worried as the water started spraying:

And completely terrified as the brushes started up:

I tried really hard not to laugh.
Poor little fella.


  1. Your "about me" section to the right is probably the best one I've ever read. Cheers to speaking your mind and being yourself!

    You've made a new blog friend and follower!

  2. I recently went to Costco and also bought pot stickers and butter. But instead of water melon I bought a large box of condoms.

  3. aww! love that last picture. My baby went through the car wash for the first time ever a few days ago too! He was okay til the last part, whatever that was. He yelled but only once.

  4. Aw! That's absolutely precious. What a little cutie!


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